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Basement grouting waterproof plugging three major points of attention is not the key!
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First, the key technology of grouting waterproof plugging in the basement

1, grouting as far as possible to fill the cracks, such as the complete closure of the crack, the other did not do waterproof will reduce the new damage.

2, to expand a certain waterproof area, will have been damaged parts of the water and may be damaged waterproof parts do not leak, reduce the repair after completion.

3. If the new project is completed, there will be a period of time when the main body of the building will be stable, and new cracks may still appear. Therefore, the scope of cracks may be expanded as much as possible during construction.

4. For concrete leakage, most of them are single or small or linear leaks. The drill bit shall be embedded in the way of grouting plugging. If complex situations have to consider a combination of multiple plugging methods.

5. For the leakage formed by broken cracks, construction joints, and post-pouring belts, the concrete can be plugged with grouting pipes or buried with water-proof needles. The plugging effect of the buried grouting pipe can be avoided. , It is better to embed the grouting waterstop needle.

6. For the seepage of settlement joints, most of them adopt the form of buried grouting pipes.


Second, the following preparations should be made before grouting:

1. Looking for cracks: For the water leakage at the leaking site, clean up the accumulated water and carefully look for cracks when the ground floor is cleaned. For dry substrates, clean the surface of the dust.

2. Drilling: According to the thickness of the concrete structure, the distance between the cracks is 150--350mm along both sides of the crack and the hole distance should be determined according to the actual situation on site. In most cases, there are 5-7 water-stopping needles per meter of cracks, and the cross section of the hole and the crack should be between 45 degrees and 60 degrees. The length of the water stop needle should be greater than half the thickness of the concrete.

3. Embedded water-stopping needles: The sealing-water needles are accessory parts. They are the connecting parts of the slurry injected into the cracks. When burying, the tools should be used to ensure that the rubber part of the needles will not slip out under high pressure.

4. The grouting pipe shall be buried with a V-shaped groove at the crack, cleaned with water in the tank, and the grouting pipe shall be used. The upper part of the grouting pipe shall be sealed with water without leakage, and then grouted into the grouting pipe. Normally, the buried pipe was cleaned on the day and the leak was blocked the next day.

Third, the grouting steps are as follows:

1. Pump pressure should be low when starting grouting and slowly increase the pressure until the slurry flows out.

2. During the grouting process, when it is observed that the grout completely replaces the leakage of water in the crack and overflows, it indicates that the grout has filled the crack sufficiently, and grouting from the grout can be terminated. Move to the adjacent grouting nozzle to continue grouting.

3, vertical cracks (including oblique joints) grouting should be performed from the bottom to the top; horizontal cracks (including nearly horizontal cracks) grouting should be carried out from the inside or from one end to the other.

4. After grouting in sequence, go back to the first grouting nozzle and inject it again.

5. After the grouting is completed, retain the grouting nozzle for more than 24 hours. If no grouting nozzle needs to be retained, the grouting nozzle may be cut or knocked off 24 hours after the end of the grouting.

6. After all the grouting is completed and the grouting material in the hole is solidified, the spilled grouting material shall be removed so that the base surface is clean and there is no wet or clear water.

7, cleaning grouting machine should be carried out immediately after the completion of the grouting, with special cleaning agent clear grouting equipment and tools.

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